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Event Planning & Coordination

Just Perfect by YC, LLC believes in the art of living and celebrating it lively! Whatever your reason is to revel, we provide a variety of services to accommodate your jubilation planning needs.



Our most basic package, the Day-of-Event Coordination package, is perfect for the couples who just need someone to pull the final design details together, to make their vision come to life. Just Perfect by YC, LLC comes in 1 - 2 months before your special day to relieve the pressure. This will give us time to make sure we grasp the look and feel you’re really striving for and will also allow us to make sure that happens seamlessly based on a the planned timeline.



With this package, we’ll step in between 5-9 months prior to the wedding day and help you book your remaining vendors. We’ll gather everything you’ve already completed, go through it, and organize it all. We assist in floor plan design, seating arrangements, day-of timeline, liaison between you and your vendors, and other details that would otherwise stress you out and prevent you from also enjoying your special day.



Our Full Planning package is the ultimate, all-inclusive package to assist you from beginning to end, offering everything you need and more. You’ll be provided with one-on-one assistance and we’ll step in as soon as you want us to, help you make your vision a reality, and book the perfect vendors to make that happen. You’ll get to enjoy the entire planning process stress-free without worrying about a million details. 

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